Tayana Adventure Village

Tayana Adventure Village

The Tayana Team is excited to share about its signature project, The Tayana Adventure Camp. This project will be located in Dewedzo Hills, in a village called Mutoko, which is approximately 140 km to the south east of Harare. The idea is to use the adventure village as a conduit for empowering the local community through tourism. The setting is perfect for any adventure enthusiast with potential to do, amongst other activities:

  • Abseiling on numerous granite cliffs
  • Canopy tours
  • 4 x 4, mountain bike, quad bike or motorbike expeditions
  • Hiking trails
  • Exploring surrounding areas to interact and participate in community building activities
  • Staying in tents or wooden cabins
  • Learn outdoor survival skills
  • Dewedzo Hills has a climate that resembles Nyanga and Vumba. The scenery is spectacular and one can get to see a variety of bird species, bushman paintings, waterfalls and drink refreshing water from flowing springs.

    With such a diverse potential, the target market for the Tayana Adventure Camp includes:

  • Students from schools, colleges and universities- for various team building activities and to learn a bit of local culture through various sessions including interacting with the local community
  • Volunteer tourists
  • Corporates for teambuilding activities combined with an opportunity to practice CSR with the locals who are marginalized economically
  • Church groups and any other common interest groups
  • The essence, as explained earlier, is for visitors to the Tayana Adventure Camp to add value to the local economically disadvantaged communities whilst also having fun or engaging in other value-adding activities at the same time.

    Tayana Adventure Village-United, we Can!!

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